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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 11, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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praise pours in. she moved mountains for people with developmental disabilities. >> best known as jf k's sister. the world remembers eunice kennedy shriver. hi, everyone. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about. >> she changed the way the world looked at developmental disability. although she lived in the shadow of her more famous relatives, eunice kennedy- shriver had a legacy of her
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own. she founded the special olympics in 1968, using sports as a way to empower the intellectually handicapped. that event is still going strong, with many taking part in its sports programs and competition. >> by your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. a message of hope. a message of victory. >> reporter: she also spent plenty of time on the campaign trail, with her husband, sergeant shriver, who ran for vice president in 1972, and her kennedy brothers. shriver watched proudly as daughter maria's husband took california politics by storm. >> my mother-in-law is the true terminator. and she gives us all orders and says, you do this, and you do that. and she is all over the place. and she is very enthusiastic. and very strong.
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>> reporter: biit was shriver's work for the mentally disabled that brought her accolades and a champion for the developmentally disadvantaged. >> reporter: up until recently, shriver lived in montgomery county. the first special olympics was held in her own backyard. coming up, we'll have more on shriver's passing. we have breaking news in the michael jackson death investigation. we have more on the latest federal raid. >> reporter: police and federal drug agents continue to uncover evidence in jackson's short and untimely death. the allege in charge says they are looking for all records of controlled substances, provided by applied pharmacy services. now, it's unclear if applied pharmacy services was used by jackson's personal physician. you may remember, he was the cardiologist at the time of
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jackson's death. >> the coroner's office has completed its work. but there is a security hold until the los angeles police department decides whether charges will be filed. back here, another big story. at druid hill park, one jogger got his exercise in early but still needed to get it in early to beat the heat. and looking for whatever breeze they could find. outside right now, sunny, warm and still humid. we're live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk. let's start with bob. let's take a look at showers. and we're starting to see some activity. right now, it's up across the north. north of gettysburg, north of hanover. heading out to the south and southeast. some of these might make it into baltimore and harford county for the next hour or two. for the west of us, far western portions of washington county. and around the eastern shore, one tiny little shower there.
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east of the region. it's very minor. we expect to see activity pop through the afternoon. and hopefully we'll see this moving in our direction. to give us more cooling showers. and at least give temporary relief to what we've seen the last couple of days. let's take a look around the region. it was significantly cooler today than it was yesterday. the dew point is a little higher at 72. makes it feel like 92 here. the hot spot, once again, ocean city, feels like 103 in washington. cool spot, oakland, about 81 is the way it feels. bernadette joins me now with the first look at the tropics. getting a little active. here it is, late in the season pretty much. >> it is very late in the season for this to be getting started. but we have a tropical depression. just off the coast here. small winds, 25 miles per hour sustained. but the thing is, it could become a tropical storm. if it does, it will be tropical storm ana. we haven't even started our
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list yet. we are already into the second third of august. so very late in the season for this to be getting going. but looks like it may be getting started. we'll keep you up to date. our first warning weather coverage continues. mike hellgren has more on the problem the heat is causing. >> reporter: it is certainly hot again today. they're doing a little paving project. behind me here in roland park. those people who have to be out in it are taking precautions. and you should be out in it -- avoid being out in it if you can. have you have heat-related issues, you can always call 911. another hot and hazy day in maryland. as warm air has baked the state for the past several days. and for those who have to work in it, it's miserable. yesterday was the first code red heat alert this year. firefighters also had to take precaution, working under extreme conditions in this heat and humidity. >> heat stroke is a major
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concern in any fire when it starts. we have what we call a 414, which is plenty of hydration. >> reporter: in baltimore city, all high school prep programs, working in nonair conditioned facilities, were canceled. students here kept hydrated during practice. and sky eye 13 was over a pool where some people recharged with a cooling dip. bge stayed on alert. dealing with heat-related stress on the system. and a fast-moving storm last night that dumped about a half inch of rain on the area. it caused several power outages. and they already restored power to more than 15,000 customers across the state. the system will be taxed again during the hot weather today. >> we certainly are asking our customers to be prudent with their use of electricity during this heat wave. we believe we have sufficient supply for our customers' demand. but it's always a good idea to conserve. >> reporter: always follow
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common sense tips. check in with the elderly and stay hydrated on a hot day like today. >> thank you, mike. stay with eyewitness news for first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on. for the updated forecast and any watches and warnings, go to she admitted she starved her toddler son to death. and in days could be out of jail. suzanne collins is live in the newsroom now with the unexpected plea deal prosecutors are making in the javon thompson murder case. >> ria ramkissoon said she was part of a cult that denied access to her son and she claims she was brainwashed. she said when the child died, they told her to put the child's body in a suitcase and hide it. as part of the plea deal, she will be enrolled in a counseling program on a farm in rural northeast maryland. she could be released as early as this week. >> ramkissoon will also testify
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against the four other cult members who have yet to go on trial. opponents to president obama's reform efforts make their voices heard outside of his town hall meeting in new hampshire. joel brown reports for wjz. while inside, the president explained his policies to a crowd that appeared to mostly support his ideas. >> reporter: opponents and supporters of the president's plan to overhaul healthcare, drew the battle lines outside of his new hampshire town home. >> reporter: while loud protestors made their case outside. >> first time in 68 years i've protested. >> reporter: inside, president obama tried to regain control of the debate by taking on the critics who have dominated town hall meetings, with lawmakers across the country. >> where we do disagree, let's disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations that bear no
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resemblance to anything that has actually been proposed. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president is trying to calm fears, by changing perspective. helping to show the improvement to those who already have insurance rather than those who don't have insurance. he took on concerns about government bureaucrats making healthcare decisions. >> i don't think government bureaucrats should be meddling. but i also don't think insurance company representatives should be meddling. that's the healthcare i believe in. >> back off. >> reporter: they're convinced the healthcare reform movement means a government takeover of medicine. it's a message the white house and democratic lawmakers will have to fight hard against before congress works hard on the plan next month. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president reiterated that his plan would be paid for
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without adding to the nation's soaring deficit. the price of gas jumped nearly 16 cents a gallon in the past two weeks. it appears the rate of increase is slowing. the average is $1.20 below this price last year. in our eyewitness news pump watch report, one month ago, the average cost of a regular gallon of gas cost $2.48. lastmonth it was $2.56. wasting gas on 95 right now. because they're stuck in traffic. fortunately, the accident is in the clearing stages. but we did have an accident on 95. it was blocking two left lanes. just reopened. but you're looking at a backup of 895. meanwhile, watch for a second wreck. that one at 32. no delay there as you can see by our speed sensors. meanwhile, a few accidents in the city. a pedestrian struck.
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by a truck. and erdmann avenue, another accident there. at harford, another on north broadway. one more eastern avenue in south groundy. and pasadena, there's a crash at fort small wood. watch for a slight delay on the inner loop at security. you can see the speed sensor there at 43 miles an hour. and on 95 northbound, we have a standard delay in place, a little earlier from pulaski highway to the beltway. there's a live look at 95 at 195. that's then where that accident was. and traffic is starting to get moving there again. this traffic report is brought to you by geico. log onto or call. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. it's the longest-running soap opera ever. today, we go on the set as the cruise shoots its last episode. brittle bones in healthwatch. a new first of its kind drug to
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reduce fractures. and the boss is coming to baltimore. the latest on springsteen tickets. and the dog days of summer continue. get your updated first warning forecast.
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angry youth rioted in a suburb. rioters torched a bus. the violence was prompted by the sunday night death of an 18- year-old pizza deliverier, who fled from police on his motorcycle. some claim the police car struck the teen after he tried to flee a document check. we watched drama unfold live on wjz monday at 5:00 and 6:00. rescuers removed the last of two dozen people stranded on a roller coaster at the great
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america themepark. the last person putted to safety, about four hours after the ride broke down yesterday. there were no injuries. the longest running soap opera takes a bow today, listen to this, after 72 years on the air. karen brown reports for wjz, where the stars of guiding light were having a hard time saying goodbye. saying goodbye is a lot of drama, even for a soap opera star. >> it's those people that you won't ever see again. it's being in that studio. >> reporter: guiding light shoots its final episode after 72 years. >> i didn't get to say goodbye. >> kim has been the hart -- the heart of the show for nearly a decade. so what will she miss? >> the men. [ laughter ] i mean, come on. i've gotten to be involved with some of daytime's most gorgeous years.
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now it will be just me and my husband of 38 years or however long we have been married. now it will just be us. i won't have that fantasy world. >> reporter: and what a fantasy it has been. riva has been married nine times. she was a time traveler and she was cloned. >> they had to have two. >> it's often taped here in this real-life town of new jersey. and all of the twists and turns for the show have been good. they have won 69 daytime emmy awards. >> i've won four. >> her long-time leading man can't say enough. >> she is an extremely emotional person, an extremely giving person. >> i'm sorry. >> they won't reveal if riva and josh will end up together. and they worry about their fans. >> this was an hour of their day that they weren't going to have anymore. so it's really the fans that i feel sorry for. and the fact that at my age, i may never work again. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but kim can put on
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her resmay that she was the light -- resume that she was the light that guided the soap for a long time. >> the guiding light airs weekdays at 10:00 a.m. here on wjz 13. a step backwards on wall street today. investors are growing more cautious about the fragile state of the economy. the dow is down 96 points today. s&p is off 13. and nasdaq is down 22 1/2. let's go to alexis christoforous. >> reporter: consumers are choosing efficiency when it comes to cars and light trucks. a university of michigan study shows the average mileage for new vehicles sold in july jumped to 22.1 miles per gallon. the cash 4 clunkers program is credited with delivering the
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best epa improvement since the government mandated. workers aren't necessarily ben fitting. while -- benefiting. while they are being more productive, companies report rewarding them. bernard madoff's former right-hand man, frank dipiscali pled guilty. madoff's former customers say depiscali was their main contact with the firm. website craig's list says bartering has taken more. people are trading on working skill, like website design in return for dental work. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. legendary rocker bruce springsteen is coming to town. he's scheduled to perform at first mariner arena. with tickets to go on sale september 25th. this will be springsteen's
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first baltimore show. things look a little different now, mr. springsteen. he'll also perform in washington, d.c. on december 22nd. and of course bruce was born where, sally? >> in the usa. >> but he also looks a little different. >> i think that was 1969. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. growing problem. mothers drinking and driving. the disturbing statistics. i'm ron matz at maryland's special headquarters in linthicum, where they're remembering eunice kennedy shriver. the story on eyewitness news continues. and get your updated forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, for ib-- instant updates, first warning weather all the time, just click away,
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all right. another warm day. but you know what, bernadette?
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we're surviving, right? >> that's right. and it wasn't as bad. we want to show you first warning live doppler radar. let's show you, you do have some thunderstorms that started to fire up this afternoon because of the heat out there. just issued, this severe thunderstorm wash -- warning in effect. we're pointing this out because it's moving out to the east/southeast. eventually, it's going to make its way over the border into maryland and start to come into harford county and cecil counties here. there's another thunderstorm gaining momentum here. it was smaller, about a half hour ago. this thunderstorm right now, also moving off to the east/southeast, at about 15 to 25 miles per hour. we can put it into motion and you can see it building up. and we'll continue to do that. the heat and humidity will keep moving off to the east. let's show you. most of the day we had the hazy sunshine. mix of clouds in that hazy
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sunshine. also down to the south, there are more. and that's going to factor into our forecast. a little later. but we'll get to that in a moment. today, temperature-wise, we're at 87 degrees right now. at this point yesterday, we were at 94. so there was a little switch. but it's hot out there. with the dew point at 71 degrees, it makes it feel each hotter. 91 downtown. with the humidity, feels like 94 in d.c., 93 in baltimore. and 98 degrees in ocean city. so yes, it has been a hot stretch. today, so far, we've topped out at 88 degrees. that's actually not that far above our average. the thing is, we have been so cool most of the season. not quite the record, which is once again, 100 degrees. here's the front. still off to the northwest. and all of the thunderstorms we're seeing right now are ahead of that front. eventually, that front will come in tonight. as it does, there are still some showers and thunderstorms around. but down to the south, there is a new low forming along it. and that's going to make its way eastward.
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tomorrow, a chance for a storm once again. but then you see the lows going off to the south. after that, it makes its way up the coast. it's going to spread a lot of moisture for us. chance for rain and thunderstorms friday. and this could linger into the weekend. this is a slow move. out on the waters, north winds at 5 knots. winds will turn around back to the north. tonight, going to around 70 degrees. showers and thunderstorms. some could linger through the overnight. still muggy, with scattered showers and thunderstorms. then we're going to see the thunderstorm chance vary. but stick around right into the weekend. and we'll have that five-day coming up in our next hour here. >> okay. >> and you do mean thick. >> thank you. >> keep your day job. sorry. we have some news for you. coming up on eyewitness news... katie couric has a preview of what's coming up on the cbs evening news, first of all.
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nearly 12 million children face serious barriers due to dental care. but now clinics across the country are trying to help. our special series, children of the recession continues tonight, only on the cbs evening news. military helicopters help ferry villages in taiwan to safety after a deadly typhoon. divers return to the hudson river. what they hope to recover today. and as triple digit gas mileage is no joke. the latest from general motors when eyewitness news conti
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hello, everyone. thanks story staying with eyewitness news. here's what people are talking about. general motors is banking on
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the electric car to get its money back. some people might find the price tag a bit high. >> reporter: you couldn't miss the headlines. gm's long-awaited electric car, promises 230 miles per gallon in city driving. >> having a car that gets triple-digit fuel economy, we believe, can and will be a game changer for us. >> reporter: the chevrolet volt is scheduled to start production next year. the plug-in battery lasts up to 40 miles. on the highway, that gets used up quickly. and a gasoline engine takes over the car and recharges the battery. >> you can charge the volt, at night, off peak, for about 5 cents per kilowatt hour, which means the full 40-mile charge will last about 40 cents. >> the industry doesn't think the new star will stay gm but
4:32 pm
at -- save gm, but at least polish its image. >> it is a show of pride. we're putting out a plug-in electric vehicle. >> reporter: gm has already been talking it up for months. the challenge was rating a car on kilowatt hours. >> it is the equivalent of getting 230 miles per gallon. >> reporter: if that figure is proven in government tests, it will be four times the current champion, the toyota prius. and could make the volt the first car to break the triple digit mileage barrier. >> alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> the price of the volt is expected to drop. but gm says government tax credits with savings on fuel make it cost effective. divers have been in and out of the hudson river today, as they tried to recover the last two victims in a crash between a small plane and a helicopter. >> reporter: teams of divers
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have been struggling with strong currents and low visibility in the water. they took a break this afternoon and resumed the recovery efforts a little more than an hour ago. so far, police have recovered seven bodies from the river. nine perished. and both plunged into the water. crews have already removed the helicopter from the water. but it's been much more difficulty to pull the plane out. >> the ntsb will check to see if all of the plane's controls were working. and if there was power from the engine when the aircraft collided. it's been another hot and steamy day across maryland. but the heat didn't stop people from enjoying lunch outside in fells point this afternoon. some watch boaters go by on the busy waterfront. take a live look outside right now. the sun is still beating down over baltimore. and it still feels hot and humid. bob is here now with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> we have thunderstorms popping up, vic.
4:34 pm
we have, in fact, severe thunderstorm warning for york county for the next 35 minutes up there. it's that one storm moving directly just north of hanover right now. to the north of gettysburg. moving to the east and. looks like it may make it into northern baltimore county and harford county. in about the next hour. so watch that one. and another strong little thunderstorm right around hagerstown. to the east, it's quiet. we don't have much around here. but out to the west, more activity is beginning to pop up. we're expecting to see quite a bit more developing this afternoon. we'll keep an eye on radar. some folks will see heavy downpours. maybe in excess of 40 miles an hour. >> okay, bob. thank you very much. stay with eyewitness news and first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on. for the updated forecast and any watches and warnings, go to a desperate rescue effort is under way in taiwan, where a typhoon is causing widespread
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destruction. it triggered mudslides and severe flooding, burying people in the debris. as charlie d'agata reports for wjz, hundreds have already been brought to safety. hundreds more remain missing. an elderly survivor hangs on for his life. as rescuers rush to get him out of the disaster zone. but other villagers are scuffling with crews, saying not enough is being done to save residents. taiwan's air military lift body 300 victims from a remote village after mudslides wiped out their homes. survivors broke down in tears as fears grew for more than 700 people still missing. dozens are confirmed dead. one helicopter on a rescue mission crashed into a mountain with three crewmembers on board. still, choppers continue to fly around the spots, bringing food and supplies in, and taking people out.
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children and babies cling to parents, while emergency teams struggle to keep shock victims warm. the typhoon pummeled taiwan with 80 inches of rain and slammed into the chinese main land. these homes were destroyed in seconds when a hillside gave way to the relentless rain. >> i heard this loud rumbling sound, he says. and in about one second, the whole building came tumbling down. rescuers spent hours searching for any sign of life beneath buried buildings. not all of those pulled from the mud and rubble survived. chinese authorities are still counting the human cost, after the worst typhoon flooding to hit the region. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> the typhoon damaged or destroyed more than 1,000 homes and flooded more than 1 million acres. its economic impact may reach more than $4.1 billion. may give patients better
4:37 pm
protection for their bones. kai is in the newsroom now to give doctors more on what they think. >> so far, it's been tested in all of the people. it's been shown to lower the risk in bone fracture. and people with osteoporosis better than other drugs. if it gains fda approval, it would compete against eight other medicines that also treat osteoporosis. the doctors say it will likely come with a high price tag. and help reduce health risk of other drugs. some studies cause eczema and infections. in some patients, it causes more. americana hotel was evacuated today after tests showed potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide on the top floors. three people were being observed at the hospital. police say the source of the
4:38 pm
leak remains under investigation. since his arrival, the ceo of baltimore public schools has set his sights on improving the education of the 80,000 public school children. he gathered all of the educators together to lay out the path of progress. mike schuh has more on today's school watch report. in a morning long presentation, the school ceo laid out all of the areas the schools are improving in and areas in which they still need to improve. >> reporter: in order for these students to succeed, their teachers and administrators need to know the pathway to improvement. >> i think that's important. because it's basically getting everyone on the same page. >> kids can't learn unless they're here. from 2004 until now. attendance is up in high schools. 79% to 85%. in middle school, it's up from 86 to 93%. over the past two years, there
4:39 pm
are 1700 fewer truapt students. and of that same period, there are 3600 fewer suspensions. such improvements are getting national attention. >> i know that a lot of people are seeing changes that are taking place. >> reporter: dr. alanso -- dr. alonzo has given more power and money to schools. >> we came from a place where we had to make extraordinary progress. and now we're at a point where we can truly become a model for the nation as a whole. >> that's why you take college courses. they give you a syllabus. they let you know what your expectation is. so we can have a joint outcome for a commitment of success. >> we seem to have something going. and it's making people pay attention. and of course, it's all due to your work. >> at morgan state, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news.
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back to you now on tv hill. schools in the city open on august 31st. let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. we've picked up a new accident. this latest one causing problems on the top side of the beltway. it's on the inner loop ramp to northbound 83, the harrisburg expressway. watch for a backup there to the jfx. meantime, you're looking at a new accident there. three accidents still working in the city, howard at lombard. a pedestrian struck there. edman at harford. meantime, as far as delays go, you're looking at a slight one on the west side inner loop at security boulevard. speed sensor there at 35 miles an hour. 95 northbound, it's a seven- minute ride between eastern avenue and the beltway. again, seven minutes minutes with an average speed of 41 miles per hour. there's a live look at 83. no problems once you get beyond that accident scene. but you can see, we do have issues on the top side inner loop. this traffic report is brought
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to you by the maryland department of agriculture. eat local, go to maryland's best and take the buy local challenge. >> sharon, thank you so much. marylanders are remembering eunice kennedy shriver today. as we told you earlier, she died this morning, at the age of 88, after a series of strokes. she leaves behind many good friends. >> reporter: it's a simple message. thank you, mrs. shriver, for making this world a better place for all of us. it's from the maryland special olympics. senior v.p., tom white. >> you had the sense you were among greatness. but she never put on any airs. it was always about the special athletes. and what else can we do to make their lives better? >> i'm pretty emotional about it myself. >> alice lee bean says eunice meant so much to her family. her brother is a special olympian.
4:42 pm
>> it feels like losing a family member myself. because without, as i said, before, special olympics, my brother's life and my family life would be completely different. >> reporter: the roots of the special olympics are right here in maryland. it all started in 1963. >> the movement started right here, in the shrivers' backyard in rockville, maryland. actually in 1963. she started a summer day camp for individuals with mental retardation. >> mrs. shriver was a member of a famous family, but in championing the rights of the mentally disabled, she made her own mark, an extraordinary one on the world. i am so enriched by having not only known eunice kennedy shriver, but then part of the whole special olympics growth over these years. >> she never wavered from her initial purpose, which was sort of working for individuals with intellectual disabilities tmental retardation at the same
4:43 pm
time. and celebrating the human spirit. >> reporter: a spirit that will move on. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. eunice kennedy shriver was surrounded by family, where she died at a hospital in hyannis. more than 1 million athletes take part in the special olympics every year. most of you watch the price is right right here on wjz. now, here's your opportunity to be a contestant in the popular cbs game show. you can take part in a contestant search on thursday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the maryland spca in baltimore. that's on falls road. there is a contestant form you need to fill out. and you can find that on straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. a pair of powerful quakes, rattles an already shaken japan. it's summer in maryland. and it's very hot outside. get your forecast coming up. it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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the cleanup from two recent earthquakes continues in tokyo at its nearby area. this is how it looked as various cameras around the city registered the quake's effect. 35 people suffered minor injuries but no reported casualties. train service was disrupted. and two nuclear power plants were shut down for safety. an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 was felt in the area on sunday. that also caused minor damage and no casualties. a man whose boat capsized on the lake in louisiana has been rescued. this is video of him being rescued to safety. two other people were with him. and they called for help after he drifted away. the boater was taken to the hospital where his condition is unknown. a tragic car accident in new york is drawing attention to mothers drinking and driving. the problem is apparently growing in frequency.
4:48 pm
in new york's westchester county last month, eight people were killed in this head-on crash. the driver was drunk and high. she was 36-year-old diane shuller. and she drove in that condition with five young children in her car. >> i think that this is a growing trend. and i think that it is very alarming. >> the county police commissioner said that what was once unheard of is now becoming more common. >> our offices are encountering more women while they are driving drunk. and in many instances with their children in the car. >> reporter: driving while under the influence is no longer just a male problem. according to government statistics, in more than half of the country, the number of women arrested for duis rose nearly 29% from 1998 to 2007. the organization mothers mothers against drunk driving says pressure could be a factor. >> the stress on women is at an all-time high and is increasing. more women are working.
4:49 pm
more women are running errands for their family, taking their children. >> reporter: the transportation department's annual crackdown on drunk driving begins later this month. and the focus will be on female drivers. >> reporter: the goal? to prevent this from ever happening again. >> the risks are so great, the potential outcomes are so horrific, there is no good reason to do it. >> reporter: bianca solorzano, cbs news, new york. 5-year-old brian shuller was the only survivor of that wrong-way crash. he has been released from the hospital. good news for stargazers. shooting stars will make for a good show for those willing to get up in the wee hours of the morning. the first annual perseid meteor shower is from 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but you can also catch a glimpse late tomorrow and tomorrow night, if weather permits. as many as 80 meteor showers can be seen across the sky.
4:50 pm
i hope it will be as beautiful as that one. straight ahead. any relief from the heat in sight? bob turk has your updated first warning weather forecast after this commercial break.
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have you heard about miralax? miralax relieves constipation with no bloating. no cramping. no sudden urgency. announcer: only miralax is clinically proven to work like that. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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all of those cool days we had in the spring, well, they're gone, aren't they? >> well, you know, today was actually cooler. we have thunderstorm activity popping up. we could see some of these moving in our region in the next few hours. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for you folks in york county. pretty much from gettysburg and hanover. it's a pretty good storm. there may be hail with it. and 1- to 2-inch rains are possible. in this particular cell. all heading out through east/southeast at around 15 to 18 miles an hour. from route 30 to 15, you can see just to the west. that's going to move into northern harford.
4:54 pm
another smaller sale around hagerstown, heading up to the blue ridge mountains there. on the washington. we have one little sprinkle here. to the west, a shower popping up. pretty good shot, most areas will see at least a few showers or thundershower activists this evening. ask that threat will probably continue for several more days. i'll show you why in a minute. this afternoon, we are at 87. yesterday at the same hour, we were at 93 or 94. the dew point about the same. 71. it is significantly cooler. west wind. temperature, 87. hit index now, 97.
4:55 pm
feels like 93 in baltimore. yesterday, we got up to about 91. there was a break. 100 in 1954. let's take a look at the showers and storms popping up. pennsylvania, virginia to our south. a lot down here and quite eight bit to our north. chance of more scattered showers, late this afternoon, up to the north. that's where you see these showers popping up. and another batch across southern portions of virginia. low pressure, going to pass just to our south. to our north, should be pretty decent. for us, we'll be close enough to the front. but won't be all that hot. should remain humid. north winds, rather light. yes. chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms. low of 70.
4:56 pm
quings tomorrow. about normal. with another chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow. we might pick up more this afternoon. then looks like it will be close enough to give us more friday, saturday, and sunday as well. i'm mike hellgren, where 5- year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head. coming up, video of that shooting and how it could impact the case against the 17- year-old
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
tire coming up next. the tape of a 5-year-old shooting.
4:59 pm
the main suspect says this proves he didn't do it. i'm suzanne collins. a 93-year-old man is held hostage for hours in his baltimore home. i'll tell you how he survived that ordeal. that's coming up next. the death of a kennedy. eunice kennedy-shriver dies with her family by her side. a look at her legacy and her impact on millions around the world. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. disturbing scene. a 5-year-old is shot. >> tonight, the teenager charged with the crime claims he didn't do


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